Scirra towards Huge Success!

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    • More over than 2 million unique downloads
    • Hit games made by Construct2 Game Engines
    • Active community and great developers
    • New Engine Construct 3 is planned and developers are looking forward for it
    • more than 14 million website views
    • 120,000 registered users
    • 200 Updates for Construct2
    • Construct2 is multi-platform exporter
    • Easy to use editor and no coding exprience required
    • Fast development for professionals
    • Best Manual & Tutorials & Forums
    • Asset store that benefits the developers

    What should I say more? I'm really glad that Scirra is going to huge success and I believe that this engine will be the main source for indie developers to create beautiful 2D HTML5 Games! Don't you agree?

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  • i'm sorry but there wasn't 200 updates yet. there was 198 updates - version 1 is starter version - r 199 is the 198th update for version 1. therefore version 201 is update 200 :p

    but yeah, r200 next week hopefully!!

    i think for 2D that c2 and once it's released c3 will be the best. i know that there's unity / unreal now and others, but that's just meh. the only and only downfall in this engine is no native export, but i think people won't do as much 2d in unreal/unity as much as they will in c2/c3.

  • 198 updates is practically 200. Come on now

  • 198 updates is practically 200. Come on now

    Yeah ! I took the value from construct3 website. they said 200 updates !

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