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  • It would be awesome If SCIRRA Store sells pre-order music from Matt Oglesby. Where you can order any kind of ambient sounds, sound effects, BGM etc. I find the free musics and sound(including the purchased) useless. Not to say that the music is bad(its Grand) but Games that are going commercial are most likely to have its own theme song, music, sound FX, etc. A great example like Angry Birds. It has its own theme song and musics/sound FX. I think by including this service in the SCIRRA Store would certainly increase the amount of consumers and orders. But of course, the free bundle assets are not completely useless ,its more suitable for the first try-out users. Where they can just add the music/sound FX in there game. You don't expect them to sell their games using those free bundle assets. Anyone agrees with me?   :)

  • Thanks for the suggestion!

  • There are thousands of musicians offering these services already. It's kinda what they do lol. Having a direct service like this on the Scirra site would be kind of cool I guess, but also impractical.

  • And the Rights, how it'll work?

  • I just got done mentioning this guy in another thread. My apologies if redundant. However if you go the website...

    You can see his requirements for using his free music. He says "Toss a dollar or two in my guitar case? Karma for you. Coffee for me." I would imagine that there are plenty others like him. If I'm not being too idealistic.

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  • But for those who are new to the world of Game Development, it is hardly for them to find the appropriate person for their projects. So, this is where Construct Store comes in to give suggestion or recommendation on these people who develop musics for game developers. Different music developers suits different people too. So, not only Construct Site should add more musicians but to find the right one and of course specialize in different genre. Still, like what Tokinsom said, its also impractical. Unless Mr.Matt Oglesby could come out with different genre musics and SE. Then, it would be wonderful. Rather than just Funky musics for sale. Well its good to see RPG chiptune on the store but still, I have no reason to purchase that either.

  • Yes I need a thwiiingyaaaapp sound with some bryiiinnaaanngggsss in the background.

  • What if there would be stock resource store here? I do music and graphics myself i would like to see something like that here. Also Scirra could make a % cut from each item sold.

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