A Scirra site chat? :)

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  • Hi everyone!

    I was over at Gamejolt's chat and met some of our own there and it was very enjoyable and helpful to talk in real time with other devs and C2 users. I think a live chat here on the site would go a long way in making this community more connected and stronger, helping us all.

    I think there would have to be some rules for sure so there isnt a bunch of spamming of "How do I?" or "Play my game!" type of stuff but it would be cool to have some of the forum subjects as different chat channels.

    What does everyone think about that? And of course Ashley what do you think? Is it possible or too much on the plate?

    Look forward to what you all think


  • There has always been a "live chat" that is held on IRC in irc.esper.net in the room #construct.

    At some point there was a chat applet on the website directly but it was taken down after a while along several modifications of the website and was never put back up since.

    The live chat still exists though, and most people connecting for the first time there are just doing so to ask their "how do I" question and "play my game".

    At least it was so when I used to idle there

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  • Tom runs the online side of things, not sure what he thinks about this.

  • Thanks for the information Kyatric! Good to know there is one on IRC, I look forward to checking it out.

    Ashley, thanks for replying. Will be interesting to see what Tom thinks about it. I could see some challenges on getting something like that implemented and adding more of an already increasing workload for you guys having to maintain it. If anything knowing the IRC channel is running helps a lot, I'm sure there are many that are unaware of it.


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