scirra : at least make an offline apk compiler

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  • hi,

    i want to scirra at least make an offline apk compiler.

    why ?

    intel xdk :

    1. its online and for many people its so bad

    2. intel maybe change something and like now we must wait for theme to solve it ! (for now music have problem and they didnt have this problem 4 days ago ! )

    3. scirra say it in first page ! "android export" ! (not cordova export !)


    how scirra can make an offline apk compiler ?!

    just look at this :

    so scirra can make an offline apk compiler and this is the less they can do !

    i need to release new update for my game but for music problem with intel i must wait !

    but if scirra make an offline compiler then we can be sure everythings work well unless "we" change thins !

  • Never going to happen....


    [quote:2glu7wbz]Export your project from Construct 2 as a WIndows 8 export, open the SLN file up in Visual Studio 2015. Build and export that from VS 2015 as an android APK

    See if that works.

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  • [quote:3k0wul6w]Got it to build the unsigned apk in Visual Studio 2015. Half the size of the IntelXDK build.

    Do a Cordova export from Construct 2. Create a new Cordova app in Visual Studio 2015. Drag the contents of your Cordova export into the www folder of your Visual Studio Cordova app.

    From there you can debug test it Ripple - Nexus and build it for android.

    I also want to try Visual Studio 2015. From what I read on the internet, apk created is half the size of the one IntelXDK makes, and also it can preview iOS by first building on remote MAC, then previews using iOS emulator

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