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  • I WANT TO KNOW WTF, SCIRRA WITHDREW 62.95 dollars from my back accout, AFTER I paid the pay pal 79 $

    and then add overdraft fees, why did they charge me twice? what tf is this 62.95?


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  • Never fear, Scirra are certainly not trying to rip you off.

    Please send an email to scirra's liscence help address ( I can't seem to find it, Tom? ) instead of spamming the forum.

  • Don't worry, I am sure they will fix your problem.

    Also,<font size="1">calm down ;)</font>

  • ^^ i don't think it's going to be that bad... it's might be some mistake here. Don't worry.

  • is in fact the address to contact. I don't know what error occurred, but I also assure you it was not intentional! Sometimes errors happen.

  • As with the above, I'm sure there's a totally reasonable explanation and I'm sure Scirra will want to remedy the situation. But seriously, the forums isn't the place to voice such an issue. This is a billing issue after all, not a support or forum-related thing.

    Companies generally provide a Contact page for such issues and Scirra has one at the following: Contact

    Personally, I think this thread ought to be removed and further communication done via email with Scirra support.

  • Hello,

    We do not have the ability to withdraw money from your bank account, we use Paypal pretty much exclusively for all transactions.

    I highly suspect the charge originated either from Paypal, or your bank account.

    If you email me at I will give it my full attention and make sure we get to the bottom of it for you!


  • Scirra basically is just a 2-man company. So if you say Scirra withdrew money from your bank account, then normally it would be either Tom or Ashley that did it but I doubt that. I hope the issue gets resolved for you. 62.95$ is not a small amount afterall.

  • just to say the 63$ isn't that much to shout for it in forum, just calm down and use pm , anyway good luck (simple problem)

  • Another possibility is the payment accidentally went through twice. Get in touch with Tom, though, and hopefully we can resolve this quickly and make sure you get your money back (if indeed it is our responsibility, I'm afraid we may be limited in what we can do with problems originating from Paypal or your banking system).

  • Sorry for the late reply, and for going off in caps :P

    it was 62.95 and more than 100$ in overdraft fees

    I was pretty upset at the time, and was too upset for the next couple of days to come back to the forum,

    Thanks for your replies, I sent an email to Tom

  • cs2curious

    You'd better check what was the issue with Paypal, reading carefully your statements and looking for anything that looks suspicious.

  • cs2curious,

    thanks for coming back to the forum. hope it all gets sorted.

  • PayPal wasn't a good company, but almost everyone uses paypal

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