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  • Here is blog entry:

    but there are still questions (asked by tecbug) to answer:

    "Thats great news, but:

    • are there any guidelines how to make apps optimized do Tizen?
    • What will be desired screen resolution?
    • What will be device specs? I'm asking about this because Firefox OS device has very crappy specs, and games made in Construct doesn't have good FPS on it.
    • Can games use keyboard?"
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  • When it comes to the first Tizen phone specs, I've read quite a few times that Samsung will be making its first device a high-end one. Knowing Samsung, they are likely to release a bunch of phones, ranging from low, mid and high end, especially since Tizen is basically their baby, too. Anyway, take that with a grain of salt as it could end up being just rumors. Develop as you usually would with mobile performance/limitations in mind, I guess. Otherwise, you could try out the Tizen emulator in its SDK here.

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