Scale Tiledbackground in editor?

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  • Hi, I wonder if it's possible to make tiledbackground object scale-able like sprite? At the moment I can make it by scale the whole layer in runtime. but it's very un-intuitive when edit the position in editor since I have other layers is not scaled.

    In some case the picture looks good in 2x or even 4x, so if its able to scale we can save lot of memory:)

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  • You can't scale Tiled Background. You have to resize in image editor.

    Otherwise, create a new layer for unique tiled background so you can zoom to make it looks like scaled. That's all.

  • Sadly no. But I do wish you could. I'd find it highly useful if TiledBackground could scale and offset it's texture. you could do all sorts of fun stuff in game if you could control those aspects.

    Think how simple a scrolling element could be. Something like a chain or rope between pulleys. Set TiledBackGround.TextureOffsetX to (TiledBackGround.TextureOffsetX+dt)

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