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  • Hey,

    I know I may sometimes seem moody or difficult at times, but I want to thank this community for all the support it gives each other. Construct 2 is really great, and I continue to enjoy using it more and more as time goes by. I enjoy it so much that I tend to feel very passionately about it and sometimes that makes me come off as a bit abrasive when trying to explain myself or understand others, or the product itself. I just am interested in seeing things continue to improve, and can't wait for what the future holds. I am constantly learning and improving as I go, and it's exciting knowing that I'm trying to achieve my dreams, and that one day I might.

    I always am reminded how construct 2 suits me perfectly whenever I discuss with others who do more code-based work, and remembering all the difficulties I have had struggling with syntax heavy programming. I love to code, but I love to make games more than that, if you know what I mean.

    Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well, and thanks again to the community and to the developers.

  • I think we all fall into this category at times.

    Great post


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  • Great post


    Can't agree more.

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