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  • Hey!

    I've noticed that sometimes when I use the save game function this can take... a huge amount of time.

    It doesn't ever throw an on save failed OR on save succeeded, it just... sits... for sometimes 2-3 minutes before finally issuing a save complete.

    Downside, if players close the game during this time, that save slot is invariably broken and will fail to load.

    Any remedies on what might make saving a touch faster?

    Thanks much!

  • Tried using the No Save behaviour on objects that don't need to be saved?

  • I have only intermittently.

    Can you give me a more thorough rundown on what does, does not need to be saved? Are we talking like.. UI? Things like that?

    Stuff that doesn't move?

    I guess I'm just having a problem conceptualizing what exactly it is that the behavior *does*.

    Thanks so much for the suggestion though, I had a sneaking suspicion that this would probably be the solution.

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  • Ricethin

    It's easier to add "No Save" to everything, and then remove it from the things you want to be saved. From the manual:

    "It is a good idea to add the No Save behavior to objects which don't need to be saved, like scenery and background objects. It can also be used on automatically updated objects, like interface elements and text objects which update their text every tick. This will help make the saves smaller in size, and also complete saving and loading quicker."

    For example, if you have savepoints in your game (save statues, whatever they're called at this point). Then you most likely would like for the player's position to be saved as to not be different when the game loads again. Sometimes you might want an enemies position be saved as well so that you can't save, go to menu, reload save and the enemy is gone. But generally, most things don't need to be saved.

  • Interesting. Global variable values and local variable values will be saved by default, I assume?

  • Hey, please follow my answers in this topic, I hope will help you as you like. thanks

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