Saving a sprite to image file, is that possible?

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  • As I said in another thread, Im currently trying to make an image tweaking program (PC with node webkit). Just a few adujstable webgl effects aplied on a loaded image.

    Now im wondering how can I actually save the tweaked picture, if this is possible.

    For the "actually applying the effects on the image" part, while I still didn't get to that, I guess I could paste the image on a secondaty sprite with the paster plugin to get the picture with the effects "burned" on it.

    But is there a way to save a sprite frame to disk? Maybe some way to access the URI of a sprite?


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    drag an image to the windows

    press "S" to save it

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  • Nice! Thank you!

    But still it's not what I need (Although it helps anyways!)

    What I need is to save the image of a sprite I'll be creating in runtime (The original image with webGL effects "baked in") instead of a dropped image or a loaded image...

    If there is a way to access the URI of the sprites you are using on the program (If they actually have URIs to begin with, wich I dont know ) this would be easy, but if that is possible, I dont know how...

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