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  • Has anyone received the following error message with the "Save" feature (JSON save state)?

    Javascript Error!

    Uncaught TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON http://localhost:50000/preview.js line 5101 (col 15)

    I want to submit a bug report but im sure it has something to do with my specific CAPX and it's going to take me years to strip my game down to core basics to pinpoint what's causing the bug. Will begin doing that now, but was hoping maybe there was someone else on here who has seen the error message and if they figured out what was the incompatibility so I dont waste my days on it.

    If i find anything ill report.

  • I had a load of similar bugs with the save system, so I ended up implementing my own. It was purely for checkpointing so there was a lot of stuff that didn't need to be saved.

  • bummer, yeah i was having mad bugs months ago with the save feature in cosmochoria so i disabled the code and put it on hold. found out later there were issues with the Spawn Object that were fixed in recent builds so decided to try it again, but now its just errors..

    Full save state is really what Im after since i want to save literally down to the flying bullet, but maybe its not worth it to spend time on this so close to launch when ive already said it couldnt be done to people asking haha


  • No problem with the save system for me, but I had to add the "no save" behaviour on most objects to be sure it wasn"t freezing the game. Are you using it yourself? It helps a lot and can be added on whole families.

  • Not using that, but thanks I'll give it a shot... starting with setting EVERYTHING TO NO SAVE MWAHAHAHAHAH. Sounds like it might be an easy way to pinpoint what's causing the issue..


  • Just set a few families to No Save and it's not giving the error any longer. I'll try working backwards now and report back if i find anything, Thanks Aurel!

  • Traced to rexrainbow 's LJPotential Behaviour. Reported at


  • rexrainbow already fixed that issue in the plugin, but now I have a couple other errors popping up that I can't seem to reproduce in a new file (not sure what aspect I need to simulate exactly to reproduce it).

    Ashley could you let me know if this error gives you any... 'clues' as to what is causing the error? I am trying to simulate a clean file so that it gives the error consistently but it seems even in my normal code it's inconsistent so Im not sure what aspect I need to be leaving in and what aspect i need to strip out to narrow down the issue.. Thanks so much!

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  • sorry thats so huge. screenshot app saves them as retina i guess. next one ill fix before ftping

  • If you're using third party plugins my #1 suspicion would be the plugin developer screwed up their save/load functions (every plugin/behavior has to support the savegame system with their own functions for their own state). AFAIK the official save/load features are pretty robust - it appears lots of people use it, but there are not any known bugs in it right now (especially with a couple of extra fixes in r197).

  • Cool, thanks Ashley - ill keep trial and erroring down the issue. Appreciate your response.

  • Ashley,

    How about this one?

    [quote:11lx31fo]if (this.changeAnimName.length)

    return cr.equals_nocase(this.changeAnimName, animname);


    return cr.equals_nocase(, animname);

    Could this still be related to a plugin? Just fumbling in the dark with this stuff, so just want to see if you know anything that will save me hours.

  • Happens on "Load" of a saved game of pretty much that exact scene.. ie.. save then a second or 2 later, load.

  • There is almost nothing I can do with a screenshot of an error message, I need the full details required by a bug report. Also in theory any problem or crash at all could be caused by a third party plugin, which is why the bug report process requires that no third party addons be used.

  • I'm sorry, Ashley. I was mistakenly thinking the screenshot / line numbers might actually say whether it was the cause of a plugin or it was a bug with in the core stuff. I didnt mean to waste any of your time, i just thought if you could discern something from a glance it would save a bunch of time on my end.


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