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  • Hello everyone,

    How can I save my webstorage local keys to a file and load it on another computer?

    It's for an application I'm making and it must be able to load the profiles on a different computer.

    I can't find anything, can anyone help?

    Thank you.

  • This is a browser based technology and browser is not standard. So at this time is not supported. There are 2 things you can do.

    1. There is a 3rd party plugin(ie not Scirra) that does what you want, but only if your using NodeWebkit.

    2. When you "export" have a TextBox/TextArea, and do TextArea.setText(webstorage.asJSON). This will give you the string version of the same profile. I know it's not as nice as moving a file, but that's yoru option.

    3. Yep, there is a 3rd. Is to store the profile online an share by somekind of custom key.

  • The official node webkit object can write files.

  • That's the problem, I'm using Rex video plugin and it only works with Mozilla Firefox (Exported html5 with WebGL off) there is no other way my export works, I tested everything.

    So how can I do that using html5?

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  • let's say I use an ftp self hosted server to use it on, or dropbox.

    would it be possible then?

  • I'd love to have it locally so I can copy it on a usb stick with all the variables.

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