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  • Can you explain how to make a system to load and save games?

  • amariscal

    I'm hoping for a feature to save games better than storing variables and a time ago the programmer of C2 replied talking about a feature what can do it, but is not yet ready to be used, it's called "save state".

    So, well, you don't have many options. If you want save and load, you'll need to backup your variables in any place you want, like a xml, a txt, whatever, and restore it.

    The simpler the game is, simpler the solution, but if you start to use inventories, bags, etc, where have many variables, prepare yourself for a big headache or simple give time to the time, like myself.

  • Webstorage, or the plug-in are your best choices.

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  • For the time being, as others stated above, you'll need to use WebStorage or the plugin to save information.

    One suggestion to try, which I'm currently experimenting with, is to design the game so that save information can be stored and retrieved easily. For example, using map coordinates to indicate the player's position or using simple true/false (binary) options to indicate whether or not a player has an item.

    Basically, if you know the limitations of what you're working with, try and design your game around those limitations and maximize your design efficiency.

    Best of luck, sir.

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