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  • Hello,

    I've been looking and I see nothing, I want to do is save your game, players in dropbox, or some place like that each player can keep your name and your score.

    Do not know if it's possible, but if not, what I want is to save the data of the game, in some place, and then to see the results of all players.

    And please explain to me slowly I'm very clumsy.

    thanks <img src="smileys/smiley13.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • You won't be able to save in dropbox.

    To save the game of your player you can either use webstorage (be sure to check the How do I FAQ at the section "Webstorage" or this tutorial).

    You can also use the save game feature through the behavior Persist/No save and this tutorial explaining how to use this feature.

    The save game is local to your user's computer.

    For the scores and have the opportunity to share them, you need to save them on an online server. Once again, check the How do I FAQ, there are several topics on the subject in the "AJAX" section.

    Have a search through the tutorials section as well, some tutorials already depicts how to do it.

  • fumeque

    What about this plugin I did?

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  • Thank you both, and sorry for the delay, I had some tests.

    septeven, I think that's what I was looking for, and I'll prove more slowly.

    From what I see, the player creates a dropbox folder with your data to save games is not it?. It can be done with the free version of C2.

    Thanks again to you both.

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