Safari IOS - on click does not seem to work

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  • Shameful unresearched (on my part) question: is there a known issue or workaround when an on click event does not work on Safari (and Chrome) on IOS?

    I do not own an iPhone, so cannot test this myself.

    I have done some searches on the forum, but could not find anything.

    The current situation:

    HTML 5 export with on click events and some webgl effects works fine on Chrome - android.

    But on Safari and Chrome on an iPhone (3 phones tested) it does not registrate the touch (on touch sprite continue: nothing happens).

    I understand this cannot be solved with so little information, but I am wondering if anyone experienced the same.

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  • mumu64

    I have used on touch on many iphones with no trouble. On Click refers to mouse input and will not respond to a touch, On Touch will respond to a touch and a mouse click (unless you tell the Touch object to not also act as a mouse).

    so make sure you aren't mixing up your events...

  • Thank you, i will change it to touch.

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