SADLY MISS and Construct 2

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  • shut down and is no more... And Construct 2 is next if you notice its on the same route as cocoon was doing no new updates, wish i could get back my construct 2 refund. But i think some here have something to do with it, because i find it strange how still how C3 can compile and C2 could not and how shut down.

    I am just thinking out loud how it sad to that and construct 2 die.

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  • Not sure you understand that Cocoon was a service, and C2 is software.

    Construct 2 isn't going anywhere, it's just not getting new features, and soon to be no longer sold with new licenses. Bug repairs will continue for the foreseeable future. There's no reason to think that they would not keep it in working order as they need to preserve their reputation, and the fact that those type of issues will be fewer, and fewer as time goes by. Services by third parties like Google, and Cocoon, going away are the things we have to worry about.

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