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  • Hi to everybody.

    I have just bought C2 because searching over the internet i read that this was the best software around to make android apps the easy way

    I tried so far to make 2 little games i had in mind.

    First, some sort of Flappy Bird evolution, little more complex with some more obstacles and another one with tilt functions and a ball

    Well, let me say that i'm really but really disappointed with the results i got... maybe i still have to learn some more of this software, but it'is incredible that the first app that has really few objects and even less events... runs maybe at 1fps on a quadcore phone and is 18mb heavy!!! And the second one.... TILT plugin is simply not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just to make sure that i did not make any mistake i tried to compile the Jump Template and even in that case, absolutely no tilt control...

    That's really sad, i feel like i wasted my money and time... even a third game i have in mind uses TILT control and i will not able to do it.

    The Smartphone supports tilt function 'cause i downloaded some from play store and are working perfectly, and of coruse supports even more complex games then the first demo i tried to do...

  • You'll need to provide more information if someone is to help you.

    The 18 mb is a good indicator that you may be overloading memory, other than that you will need to say what you are exporting to, cjs, device browser, etc.

    A capx upload is usually the best method for any other issues, bad events/ logic, etc.

  • It's easy to make games, its harder to optimize it. Requires good knowledge of game making & C2 usage.

  • Nothing is easy if you dont put the effort in. What did you expect to do ? Press a button in the software which says make my game and optimize it for me. ? Try reading the manual from start to finish before you start posting here.

    Nothing personal.

  • yes, in a way you all are right.

    Spongehammer, absolutely i do not think that..

    In fact, for first game, i will work hard to optimize it to make it work

    My only fear is that C2 is not so ready for APK developing.

    If a simple demo made only of few sprites and a background with Water effect is so heavy, make me think...

    However i would like to try more, above all with tilt functions... i really hope could get it to work.

    My question is... is it possible that the issue is caused by the apk assembler? Is there a C2 game for android that uses tilt that i could download to see if it works?

    Thanks in advance for all the help you could give me, it's really appreciated (and also critic is, spongehammer! ehehe)

  • I love how someone will say the templates/examples included with C2 don't run well on mobile devices and you guys blame him for not optimizing them. They are more or less stripped to the bone already.

    Sure, mobile games need far more optimization than their PC counterparts, but the point they are trying to make is the exact project will run 100 times faster in, say, Unity or Cocos2D or something.

  • It's never that simple. Also, HTML5 with CocoonJS or Ejecta gets to ~50% of native performance. It's not 100 times slower. :/

    pcprice76 Avoid using WebGL shaders for mobile games, period. They were designed for PC hardware in mind. Don't use it until you know what you are doing, most of them will cripple your performance.

  • What you use to "compile" your game can also have a tremendous impact on overall performance.

    In some rare cases, you may have to use external tools since the plugins implemented in Construct 2 just aren't good for the particular job.

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  • Thanks for your suggestion! Tonight i'll try for sure!

    Blinx123 Thanks for your reply. Do you have any suggestion about software to use to make some tests with tilt functionality? Assume that i will use the c2 template (the Infinite Jump)

    If you can give me a direction i would like to make some testing

    However, thanks for all your support, it's really nice to see that in this forum people help each other

    Not so common

  • pcprice76 - what device are you testing on and which export method did you use? Old Android devices can be pretty poor, because the OS and HTML5 support is bad, but newer Android devices are excellent.

  • There is a flappy clone in c2 examples. Could you try to compile it and try to see if it works really slow as well? I personally am having a great time and constant 60 fps with a collection of around 300 sprites, some of them as large as 1000x1000, many hand crafted bone-based animations and even particles. I use cocoonjs for export to apk and get very nice results beyond s3 and newer devices. On iphone 4s and an ipad2 I have 50 stable fps, I am pretty sure somethin is wrong with either

    1-) the device you are testing on (may be a very old device?)

    2-) the code (maybe you are missing something and doing something every tick when you only have to do it once? maybe you are spawning thousands of objects every second? maybe you are using text objects and updating their text every frame instead of using spritefonts?)

    3-)the export method (maybe you are just running on stock browser of the device instead of using intel xdk or cocoonjs to export to apk first? maybe you have disabled webgl?)

    Please do not get disappointed with the product before making sure you are not skipping something. C2 is really wonderfull to use once you get to know how to use it and what you can do with it. You can be sure that you can easily make a nice flappy clone with it which runs great on %90 of the current market devices. Basically, anything newer than s3 and iphone 4. Devices before these have some problems handling html5 and games with constant movement.

    Hope you figure it out.

  • Ashley i used this, found at this post

    Maybe is wrong...

  • The smartphone is a Mediatek quadcore Mt6582 based device. It's our brand phone

    I decided to test on that because it's a mid-range phone (not too low not too high)

    About first game will make treasure of all suggestion and i think will get something good with experience (hope so)

    I can confirm that the c2 flappy bird runs normally on that phone

    I'm much more worried about tilt controls... should be a pity to give up with the idea of using it

  • That's not an officially supported exporter. You should try using one of the officially supported ones for Android devices (Crosswalk or CocoonJS).

  • Ashley i used this, found at this post

    Maybe is wrong...

    wow. Why did you use this one. Besides ashley's terse correct comment. The bundle contains an old version of android chrome. Also your GPU might be black listed. So Chrome that may have no WebGL and or a Black Listed GPu. Also we haven't seen any sample of code that i've seen as of this post. One of the huge mistakes beginners make is numerous collision checks.

    Also apk-creator path is mostly for those with more tech saavy. Like Ashley I really suggest you use the official Android Export and XDK. however I also suggest checking up on using the remote downloading of games through Android. Rathert han having to push the games to XDK regularly :\

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