Running multiple exe and png files question.

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  • Hello.

    I need to open various files in a given order, each one after the last. The problem, is that if I put the codes as in the image shows, all the files runs simultaneously, and they dont wait after the rest is loaded.

    Some Ideas? Is there an alternative plugin that haves the "when is loaded" feature?

  • Well the event is working as it should, I don't know of any way to tell Construct to wait for an external program to do something, other than waiting for JS variables or the like (which wouldn't be useful in your case anyway).

    I'm not sure exactly why you're using external files, but perhaps it'd be better to instead load those wavs and pngs as project files, and call them from there, within your NW application. If all you want to do is show an image or load an audio track one after the other, then you're far better off keeping it within your application.

  • Is an experiment that automatic runs the external apps that the user wants, one after another... Its like a Playlist of any type of program, or in other words, a batch processing (.bat system)

  • Ah, then in that case, you could make Construct create, edit and run its own batch files with the write and append file actions.

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  • I'll do that for now. Thank you.

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