Running layout issues and background resizing

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  • Hello everyone. I am a teacher that is teaching Game_It. It is awesome and the kids are loving it but I am running into a few issues that seem to be not wide spread but there are enough that I am stumped. So here I am.

    Here are the problems I am running into. We are doing the first game Flip the robot monkey

    The first comes when putting in the background. For some reason the picture will not scale to the size of the stage, no matter what we do. The computer is telling us that it is right. When we run the layout it looks right. But the project window is wrong. It makes it really difficult to work on a project when things are not scaled right in the program. Any help would be appreciated.

    The second question comes when we run the layout. It's almost opposite of the other issue. The project looks great in the program, but when we run the layout, about a quarter of the game is cut off. When the character jumps you can see it's head appear, so it's there, just not seen in Chrome. I have messed with export size and all that stuff but to no avail. Any help will be appreciated.

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