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  • Just started using Construct some minutes ago. Whilst I think its interesting how you solved the rotation of sprites (the small gizmo in the middle) I think if I would use Construct often it would make me a bit mad if I switch often between other applications like photoshop (e.g. for editing my sprites) where you can rotate by keeping the mouse button pressed outside the bounding box of a 'sprite' or transform object. For a good workflow you should include the regular rotation.

    Actually also a fixed scaling would be nice. Mmh after writing the first paragraph I played around more and I see why you made your gizmo like it is (clicking background etc), but if you are aiming at professional developers I think you should somehow revisit the gizmo, maybe a hotkey for using a photoshop like gizmo or something.

    I am using r87.

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  • if you're using photoshop that much, how about trying holding shift while scaling a sprite, it'll give you what you'd expect from photoshop :)

    as for the rotating gizmo, you'll get used to id, trust me.

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