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  • Hi

    I got a Wheel object and I am trying to apply ROTATE action. Wheel is rotating fine when I touch and drag. I am not able to find how to decrease the speed of wheel slowly and stop.

    Could anyone please guide me for this problem?

    Many Thanks

  • Set the rotate behavior's acceleration to a negative value to make it slow down. And then disable it or set the speed to 0 when the speed is <= 0.

  • Great Ramones, Thanks for your repsonse. It helped me. Now when I set to negative value then wheel is reducing its speed which is great and then started moving back.

    I am trying for the event when wheel speed is <=0 to set the wheel rotate speed= 0 and acceleration =0 but no luck.

    Could you please help me on which event I can set speed=0 and acceleration =0 for the wheel so that wheel will stop slowly?

    Many Thanks

  • Ramones, sorry for silly question. I got the solution now. Slowly getting used to this great tool.

    Many Thanks.

  • Hi Ramones and Friends,

    Regarding the Wheel, when it stops then we would like to know who won based on the position of the wheel where it stopped. We have put a pointer at the top center of the wheel.

    Please could you let me know how to handle and implement these kind of scenarios?

    Many Thanks

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  • You can use the angle of the wheel to determine which value is at the top.

    For a wheel with 4 segments you can take the angle / 90 and round it down to get a value 0, 1, 2, or 3.

    floor(angle / 90)[/code:3slveguu]
    [code:3slveguu]angle 0-90: floor(angle / 90) = 0
    angle 90-180: floor(angle / 90) = 1
    angle 180-270: floor(angle / 90) = 2
    angle 270-360: floor(angle / 90) = 3[/code:3slveguu]
    If you want the wheel to look like this:
    Then you need to add 45 degrees to the angle and use modulo 360 to prevent it going above 360.
    [code:3slveguu]floor(((angle + 45) % 360) / 90)[/code:3slveguu]
    Generalising that:
    The value 90 is 360 / number of segments
    The value 45 is 360 / number of segments / 2 [b]=[/b] 180 / number of segments
    So the formula for a wheel with any number of segments is:
    [code:3slveguu]floor(((angle + (180 / numSegments)) % 360) / (360 / numSegments))[/code:3slveguu]
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