A roll back to r265 (Steam version).

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  • Hello,

    I've got a proposition to roll back the Steam version of Construct 2 to r265, since using r267 brings a few really annoying bugs (crashes, Z order window and possibly other UI elements not working properly).

    I get it that Scirra staff is probably busy building C3, so it will be a while until we can get another update for C2, so the easiest way to make those crashes stop is to just roll back to r265 for now, which is really stable compared to r266 or r267.

    I tried to resolve that issue on my own by downloading r265 from the site and replacing the files in Steam directory, but Steam forces an update anyway. You can only postpone it, but it will be updated. So this way of dealing with that issue is not an option.

    I've got no other way, but to ask for your help. Please, bring back r265, so we can work without constant thinking about those random crashes (I've posted about them in Bug section).

    I've said "we", because I've encountered other people, that are on Steam and that have those crashes too. I'll try to reach them so they can share their thoughts about it here.

    Thanks in advance.

  • This will mean suddenly nobody can open projects they saved in the newer version, which I think is likely to be even worse.

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  • Hm, yeah, I can see your point, since not everybody watches forums/other info sources about current state of Construct, so that may lead a lot of people into confusion.

    Well, then I'm out of ideas. I just hope that you guys can look into that issue (with r267) and fix it, so people can get back to work without constantly worrying about losing progress. I don't even care that much about bugs with UI elements. Only those sudden crashes worry me a lot.

    Well, thanks again for looking into that issue and I hope the situation can be resolved soon.

  • Can't you push 265 as a new update (268) for the time being? Until the issues are resolved at least

  • Can't you push 265 as a new update (268) for the time being? Until the issues are resolved at least

    This would be the best solution. I was lucky enough that I'm not locked to the Steam version so I can just download r265 and edit my .caproj to get it running, but Steam users can't do anything.

    These updates (r266 and r267) really break everything, you can't use it for more than 10 minutes without crashing, the bookmarks and z-order windows won't open ever, etc. I was EXTREMELY lucky to not lose anything because I save a LOT, but I feel really bad for anyone who lost their projects while working on them.

  • Releasing a rollback update to r265 could be done using Steam's branch feature. Existing users would keep the latest version and users that would like to rollback, could simply opt into that branch.

    Any future updates which include fixes can be merged at any time but I assume this is a known thing.

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