Rock Candy XBox 360 Controller not being Recognized

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  • I just got a Rock Candy XBox 360 controller recognized on my Windows 7 64-bit. Now I have the problem of it not being recognized in Chrome or Node Webkit. Any solutions or information I can provide to better help reach a solution?

  • Have you initialised the controller in-game by pressing a face button? Directional functions like the d-pad and analogue sticks won't register until the controller has been initialised - this has to be done once for each controller, every time the game is played.

  • Huh that's a weird way of doing things, yeah it shows up in the detectable gamepads count now. Is this just Node-Webkit and Chrome behavior or is it happening for the gamepad itself for any game at all? Just for future reference and so I can mention it in my game's documentation if it's Node-Webkit/Chrome specific.

  • A quote from Ashley, from this thread,

    [quote:20y5ne3y]Browsers require that you press a button on the gamepad before it is recognised. This is for privacy reasons, so ad networks or malicious parties can't track you by using your available controllers as part of a fingerprint to identify you. If you never touch the controller it acts like it is not there.

    I can't imagine why this would be a problem though. Just have a message on startup like "Press a gamepad button to use gamepad controls".

  • Yeah I will have something like that. Thanks for letting me know.

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  • Easy way to hide the problem: have a single screen that pops up before the main menu with the words "Press (A) to start".

  • I don't know if it's possible and/or practical since my game mainly relies on keyboard input. Gamepad input you have to activate in the options well after the game's begun. It was kinda weird though, my generic PS2-like gamepad was detected immediately whether I pressed a button first or not which is why this 360 controller threw me off. But that thing was messed up in Node-Wbkit. Button 1 didn't even register for example and the analog stick button that swaps it and the D-Pad would register as button 1.

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