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  • Hey everyone

    I am pretty new here but I thought you might like to know about an xml api I discovered for managing various game mechanics in multiplayer online games. The whole thing is powered by pubnub.

    I think this could be very handy for people developing multiplayer games with the intention of packaging them for tablets and smart phones.

    The main site is:

    It took me 3 days to get my invite.

    Here is a video of him creating a harvest mechanic as you may find in a game like Farmville.

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  • So I have been looking a lot more closely at what they offer and they even go as far as to allow you to sell items for facebook credits. It seems pretty feature complete. RPG, you got it, Sim, you got it. Simple shooter with bonuses and modifiers and maybe some buying and selling of items no problem. I do believe Construct and Roar can play quite nicely together.

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