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  • hey folks im new on the forums but built many o games,

    im building one just now with magnets,

    left click attracts the object right click repels,

    I've set 'magnet' object' to 'set position mouse every tick, 'while hiding mouse pointer,

    On left click its fine but when I right click the mouse cursor flashes up for like a 10'nth of a second, its doing my head right in :(

    is this a bug or can someone direct me to a fix?

    many thanks for those who help :)

  • Maybe it's the web browser you are previewing in, trying to create the right-click menu. Try previewing in a different browser :P

  • hey thanks for the reply, sorry I never stated enough variables,

    I am using web nodekit for my previews, I intend on releasing this as a .exe for windows.

    its a real silly bug but its doing my head right in as i cant continue until this is fixed :(

  • I've built many of games, released them just to my friends etc, but this is the first time I have had to resort to actually making an account an asking for help (insert embarrassed emoticon) lol

  • Where can I upload my cap.x without installing daft 3rd part software?

  • Dropbox, google drive. Either one will do. Since you haven't been here long, you'll likely have to post just the URL without http or www instead of a link. Links are enabled once you get more rep points.

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  • wow I got bumped off the construct server lol

    thanks for the info but im running a barebones system, will never install software onto my system that I will upload to,

    what happened to the good old days of mediafire???

    make. upload. link. SIMPLE

    no spyware/crapware included

  • The "bumped off construct server" thing happens a lot around here, I've grown used to it :P

    And well, you don't need to install any software for Dropbox, googledrive, ect. Signing up for one and using their web services, you can upload a file and get a link. (I use dropbox, you could sign up for that, login on their website, go into your "Public" folder, upload a file, then right click the file to get a "Public link".) :)

  • ahh ok lol thought I was getting bumped from a moderator :P

    but yeah I have tried google drive and dropbox, they always want to install software on your comp, 'I dont like that at all' :(

    atleast with mediafire, you make an account there 'on their servers'

    then upload and link, 'free from clutter :)

    seems the construct team are doing it this way to rat out frauds or pirates, but quite right, i'll do the same :)

    I've yet to buy the full software from construct, but im using my friends kit to make games, he gave in after about 2weeks lol, 'I was like look let me show you how its done lmao'

    but like I said, this the first problem I have came across that I cant figure out (insert ultimate sad face)

  • Have you tried "Set Cursor from sprite" under the Mouse behavior?

    (Actually turning the cursor into your sprite?)


    On the Dropbox topic, I am the same way, show me a downloader, and I consider your download impossible to reach.

    But dropbox will spoil you. It's not something to upload to. It works as a folder on your hardrive, you drop or save files in it, and they are available on any machine you happen to be on, anywhere. (sharing them is right clicking on the file and selecting to copy the public URL.)

    But you don't need to install that part, you can use it online only.

    I use Dropbox for sharing online, but only have 4 gigs of space, so I use Copy, because I posted it here once, and so many people signed up under me, I have 100 gigs on it. But it doesn't share as smoothly. (it shows a download page rather than linking directly, so you can't show pics from it like the one in my signature.) However if you are sharing folders with other people, the space is split between you, Dropbox counts all the space for each user.

    Yes, I have both installed, and don't regret the wasted cycles to more junk running in the background at all. I had one called Cubby too, but dropped it for Copy.

    Oh, and if you sign up, ALWAYS sign up under someone, you BOTH get extra space. Paradox2013-12-04 22:18:10

    NEW 2016 Edit: Copy and Cubby have both gone out of business. I'm going to miss my 125 gigs of free space. (people kept signing up from my old post.)

  • yes bud, tried set cursor from sprite but you can never get the desired effects, ie rotate to 'object' try it!

    and not sure on the rest of your post if your having a dig or not lol

    just saying dropbox google drive, ALWAYS want to install software on your computer, im not 'dissing' it, just saying always good to have less open portals 24/7 streaming into your secure home computer :)

    I have bitdefender total security 2014, even going on some 'dropbox's' it shows as dangerous, im more safe than sorry. got alot riding on this comp.

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