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  • Hi.

    Ive noticed if the screen moves a little faster than usual on platformer... everything starts getting this blur.

    I have played a lot of platformers moving at even faster speeds but they dont create a blue effect.

    Its making me nausea's as well. I've noticed a lot of screen tearing as well. In other apps i dont see my animations doing this. Only in C2... is there anything i can do to improve the rendering speed? Seems almost like its lagging a bit behind even at a constant 60fps...

  • Yeah, i did notice that too long time ago. I don't know why is that tbh, but I suspect that it's because it is running on js.

  • Yeah, i did notice that too long time ago.

    So did I... C2 community told me it was normal but my eyes assured me it wasn't.

  • Oh well. guess i will add epilepsy warnings on the main screen. And do not play when drunk warnings.

  • Yeah, answer is that you can't make super fast game sin c2. But to make all of us feel better, fast unity games don't look that great either.

  • > Yeah, i did notice that too long time ago.


    So did I... C2 community told me it was normal but my eyes assured me it wasn't.

    Same here ... not sure why, but there is a small motion blur/shadowing ... Could this be a "limitation" of JavaScript ?

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  • That's odd, C2 doesn't have any motion blur at all. Motion blur is an expensive and/or difficult shader technique. Are you sure what you're experiencing isn't the pixel response time of your monitor? My previous monitor had a very good pixel response time, and had no blurring at all. Then I got a new one which has much better color and contrast, but a much worse pixel response time, and now objects 'smear' a bit when moving quickly.

    Also, are you sure the stuff you're making is at 100% opacity? If clear background is off, and there's only 1 layer at 90% opacity, then you'll get a bit of ghosting (the previous image remaining partially visible).

    Do you have screen video capture software? Fraps has a free version if you don't. Could you capture video of both something you made with this problem and something played also on your computer that's fast and doesn't have the problem? Even capturing just a screenshot of the effect would help to determine what it is. If you can't capture the effect, it's most likely your monitor.

    As for the screen tearing, I notice I get tearing in Firefox but not chrome. Chrome has a flag that you can set to use vsync or not, but you should check your video card's settings, as I think some computers have override settings on a per-application basis, meaning setting chrome's flag might not fix it because the control panel is set to override it.

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