How to get rid of loader layout and have only splash?

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  • Hi all,

    I need to get rid of loader layout, once an apk is installed on device, there should not be a use for it, as Ashly said in his custom load tutorial. So, how do I get rid of it ? I just want one splash screen and than play. Oh and btw, if I use custom loader layout, the construct 2 loader will appear anyway, than the custom one and after that the first layout comes up

    Worst case scenario is, when I use intel xdk splash screen. That would mean, distorted splash screen, construct 2 loader, custom loader and than after all of this, da game.

    Any kind of help would be highly appreciated!

  • Whatever you have set for the normal Construct 2 loader will always show up until the loader layout is itself loaded.

    To turn off the loader layout just delete or move it in the layout list, then in the project settings change the 'Use loader layout' setting to 'No'.

  • The best you can do in this matter is to set the "Loader style" to "Nothing" in the Project properties.

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  • Thanks for reply guys,

    Im using this method "just set nothing as a loader layout" and there is this black screen at start, which look really unproffesional, but if there is no other solution...

    Well my hopes were pretty high after I read this part of Ashly's tutorial.

    "1. Loader layouts are not shown when publishing as native apps on mobile (e.g. via PhoneGap, CocoonJS and appMobi). This is because the entire application is downloaded at once. Since all files are immediately available, nothing needs to be downloaded. For these platforms you probably want to focus on a custom splash image instead."

    But there is no explanation how to use only splash screen. SO here I am trying to get some help

    EDIT: There is still problem, why the default C2 loader layout shows up, even if I use only loader layout. I set in project settings "custom loader layout" and "Starting layout -> CustomLoading".

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