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  • Hey Guys,

    I am soon to launch my next app and was just wondering what kind of revenue people are achieving using Construct and CocoonJS.

    Are you selling? Advertising? Licensing? IAP? I'm really keen to hear what you guys are doing and what you find is working well.

    For me personally, I have a free app called Chaotic Cubes which has MoPub ads on it. I have barely hit the $1 mark with a combination if iAd and the MoPub marketplace. I have just over 2000 downloads on the iOS AppStore.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  • mcdan

    I too have long wondered which route is the best route to take with revenue models. I've been studying the app stores a lot. When I do I look at the top grossing section.

    The majority of the apps there have the revenue model of IAP. If you compare that to the most downloaded apps, you'll see that the top games in top grossing are earning more per download than those.

    IAP will probably be the best route if you want to make the most money possible. But it also takes more work to implement correctly and make it worth the player's time and money.

  • Astro yeah that is very true about the Top Grossing. The thing I love about a free app with iAp is just having more people playing your game while still being able to generate revenue, "if you have users, the money will come".

  • As I understand

    ad revenue works once you have a large number of games that relink to other games. Often the truly free games are only commercials to games with other revenue models and to raise awareness of your company.

    IAP is my favourite. It get's people into the game(especially if you have comercial games). Though the model of what IAP items are can very from rip off to well designed.

    I plan to target to IAP with ads. Ads are removed for a cost :P and then depends on my game. As an example

    Draoust IAP

    0.99 - remove ads

    0.99 - 4 player access

    0.99 - Puzzle mode

    or something like that

    then my next project is a Fighting game(that's the current plan). Where the IAP covers

    4.99 - 1 extra character

    0.99 - 1 Piece of appearance(hair style, chest piece, leg piece)

    no pay to win items

  • IAP requires to have own server that can download restricted files or control, Apple Store IAP service only collects payment, nothing else.

  • I'm focusing on being profitable from day one, so, nothing free.

  • Joannesalfa

    So true. That's also a method you could use to help you deal with pirates. Instead of having all your purchase content in the initial install.

  • Astro

    Ghost Tricky for iOS is one of the best examples to use IAP. Buy episodes.

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  • Ghost Trick is an amazing game.

    Well if the Ouya IAP is working for HTML5 when that's ready I plan to use that. In the mean time I plan to use Neither of which requires my own server.


    You have a very hard stance on your opinions. How about sharing your personal business experiences. You believe that C2 should kill the free version, but didn't back up the thought behind it when requested. So I would like to know what your reasoning is that IAP, Demo.... are not a worth while direction. Have you had previous games that say differently?

  • to the OP:


    I just want to SC2 to succeed and be along for a long time. that's all.

  • Joannesalfa

    I had never heard of that game till now. Most likely due to me not having an iOS device yet. But that's indeed a clever monetization approach. The last IAP pack says "Chp. 14 - End" lol.

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