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  • Hi, I paste here my PM to Ashley who, I'm aware, is very busy.

    Is there a way to return/access the layout size and/or the project in the Edittime.js.

    I would like allow user change the layout size considering some other properties (read at bottom)...

    Also, I encounter that I guess is a bug...

    Still in edittime.js, in OnPropertyChanged, I compare two properties that make a change in another property...

    But, in C2, when I set the property "Screen" to "Low", it doesn't automatically change the "Screen width" value to "320", as it has to do.

    I have to input something in the "Screen width" value, and after that, the value change to "320"....

    if (["Screen"] == "Low" &&["Orientation"] == "Vertical")


         ["Screen width"] = 320;

         ["Screen height"] = 480;


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  • Sorry, you can't modify the layout size - the SDK is relatively limited at the moment, since we're pushed for time so have only added the bare minimum necessary for the official features. Hopefully we'll expand it in future, but I wouldn't hold your breath, we have a long todo list for the user side of things, let alone the SDK...

  • I understand...

    Hopefully it won't be too long ;)

    What about the second part, is it a bug ?

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