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  • I've reduced down from a graphical button to a normal button for this case, but neither one of them seem to want to work. It's probably a simple fix and I am just really missing something simple.

    If you get a game over, you can tap/click on retry and and the whole layout should restart with a reset on both scores. The problem is that it isn't doing anything when being clicked on.

    This is my first game with this engine, so I really have no idea what to look for as far as troubleshooting like this goes. I've looked through the event sheet and found nothing that should cause the problem, but I can't locate the problem.

    Here is the .capx for anyone curious to take a look at it. The number of escapes you need for a game over is 10:

    Ah, looks like I need a bit more rep to post URLS.

    I have these screencaps of my event sheet though. Is there any kind of spoiler like tags available here to not flood the page with them?

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  • Your capx got removed

  • Your capx got removed

    Yeah, sorry about that. I just joined because I'm at wits end on this topic and you need 300 rep in order to post URLs.

    I don't mind being social, it's just a lot easier to post the .capx and get it over with than posting caps of the event sheet.

  • You are using the wrong condition. The button has it's own condition of 'OnClicked'.

  • Okay, I did not know about the button condition so I tested it out.

    I restarted the layout plus the global variables, but now the objects aren't dropping the second round. It's a start though, but the retry button is resolved in this case. Thank you very much for that.

    I'll work up a bit more rep around here in the meantime so I can help with the .capx problem at the moment.

    Edit: I just realized I forgot to restate the time scale. it's working entirely now.

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