[Resolved] Layout View Not Working!?

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  • Recently, whenever I attempt to open the layout view in my project, it hasn't been working. I've been working on this project for about 8 months now and this problem didn't arise until recently, possibly due to the new layouts and event sheets I recently added. When I try to open the layout view, the screen either continues to show the last event sheet I was editing, or just goes black. I can actually still edit the layout, but I can't see the changes I'm making until I run the layout. I figured it was probably due to the program not having access to enough memory to properly render the layout edit so I switched to my desktop and the problem persisted, it was actually worse. I was hoping someone in the forums might be able to help me out? Thanks in advance! I've attached an image of the problem, hopefully that will help...

  • What's your video card? Are you using the latest drivers for it? Have you tried changing your theme? Or making a clean install (aka uninstalling C2 completely and installing it again)?

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  • I found the solution to my problem. I tried everything you said, andreyin. Unfortunately, nothing worked. Although Construct 2 does seem to be running a bit better so thank you for that. I had every layout and event sheet open and my system couldn't handle that I suppose. By closing some of the tabs within the program, I've managed to avoid the problem. Thanks for the help!

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