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  • Hello everyone, how are you doing?

    I have the following problem which I couldn't find the solution.

    I need to publish a game in HTML5 and it contains a screen which has a TextBox in it. When I touch the screen (any mobile device) to write in the TextBox, the screen (which holds "Letterbox Scale" for the "Fullscreen in Browser" setting) resizes all the game becoming very tiny, because the Android keyboard pops up, leaving less space on the screen for the game.

    I need that when the focus is on the TextBox, it shows up zoomed in or, at least, there won't be any resizing, so that I can see what's being written. And that, of course, without having to publish one version of the game for each screen size available out there.

    Thank you very much!

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  • Yeah I'm having the same problem :/ I'll see if I can get an admin to help us out with this one

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