Does resizing the sprite use less memory?

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  • Greetings

    I would be interested if anybody knows anything regarding the following scenario: my game's approx. download is 5mb, memory use 15.8mb. I have several sprites that are 512x512 and in the game (not in the image editor) i resize them to 64x64, yet there is no difference in the approx download or memory usage.

    Shouldn't there be any? Or am I able to decrease them only by resizing the sprites in the image editor and then loose some quality if I make them bigger (from 64x64 to 700x700 for example)?

    Thanks anticipated!

  • the memory a sprite takes up it based on image size not the size it's shown at

  • Thank you volkiller730, so I will have to resize them in the image editor to use up less space...

  • You could try to see if you have any wasteful assets (exemple: a 256x256 plain black square, images that are not cropped when they could), that may helps a bunch.

    Also keep in mind that the assets are load and unload at each layout beginning (well, a little more complex than that but the big picture is here).

  • More information in the memory usage manual entry.

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  • Ashley thanks, I did check it a while ago but it seems (as with the vast resources that I've read) that I've forgotten most of it.

  • I made a test for this...

    on my computer, one image 250x250 and, another 125x125 scaled x 2 on construct2, the performance is a little bit better.... but the quality is low off course....

    the problem is how many big is the sprite.... one trick to solve this, is to scale the layout (x1.5...etc) and use a little sprite, you can increase your performance a lot, (I tried to another test)...

    is better if you can scale with construct2, but it depends....


    just one question.... with chrome you zoom the page (ctrl+mousewhell) and you can zoom the page... if you do to a canvas, like 150% zoom, the contruct2 performance will be really better and the quality can be very well... like, one of my project in my old computer was 35 fps, if I do this "trick", the fps change to 60!! and the quality is ok....

    now my question is.... can you integrate on construct2? like, choose the % of the zoom? this can solve the problem of the lag... if you don't want to change effect, particle...or other things for old computer, with this simple step you solve everythings

    thank you very much

  • Choose 'low quality' fullscreen mode and you can get it to render a small viewport which is cheaply stretched to the screen, which can improve performance.

  • Choose 'low quality' fullscreen mode and you can get it to render a small viewport which is cheaply stretched to the screen, which can improve performance.

    I see, if I set low quality is better, but with 150% I could save 15 fps and the quality is "fine".... it's not a big problem (someone can make a little tutorial for a player to do this...) it's just in case...

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