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  • Hi,

    I created a game with a window size of 2048x1536px and the property "Fullscreen browser" set to "Letterbox scale" When I put the game in html I can't redefine the game at 800x600px, it is always displayed on 2048x1536px. This is the code I use html:

         <div id="c2canvasdiv" style="margin: 0 auto; width: 800px; height: 600px;"><canvas id="c2canvas" width="800" height="600">



    How can I resize the game in html? i'm really confused, the size of my game is very big and i can support multiple screen size, but i can't set a smaller dimension. Should I have more versions of the same game? maybe for html and for phone?

    Thanks a lot and Best Regards,


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  • figure out how to use scaling my game was made 640*480 and works portrait or the preferably landscape

    I have screen shots of both on this thread

  • I found the solution to my problem: IFRAME TAG

    <iframe name="myIframe" id="myIframe" width="800px" height="600px" runat="server"

    src="game.aspx" scrolling="no" >

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