Can i resize/compress the image before saving

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  • Hello community,

    I was wondering if there is a way to resize an image (in terms of kb & not dimensions) that we load from "load with url action"

    The thing is that i am letting my user pic and image from his/her device wth hlp of FileChoser plugin

    --- then i am loading it in a sprite with "load image from url" action and resizing sprite to 100x100 size

    --- then i am saving the sprite's image url in local storage to load it when user play it next time

    The problem is that once the player chooses an image, the image could be a very heavy/large size image and when the player load it again it will be laggy experience

    so is there a way so that i could only save a 100x100 image of whatever the user has uploaded?

    Please help!

  • Bump!

    Anyone out there who knows how to do it? basically what i want is to resize the image file my user imports in terms of file size !

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  • Bump! Again!

    Just want to know How to make any image file(that my user select in a game as a dp) a small image that could be saved and loaded easily, as if i save and load the exact same image(could be a high res large image) then it would make game run slow or atleast will give a lag at time of loading!

    Help! Help! Help! Construct Gurus!!!

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