Reseting Position of a Random Object

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  • I put some Objects on a Layer within an Array at random position

    And some more at the bottom that are fix

    I want to drag some objects to the one at the bottom

    but if i drop an object in an empty space, i want it to return at the place it was before. choosed by the random

    Can someone help me on that?

    Thank you

    My random placement: took from Random Tile map Tutorial

    Array set value at (array.curX, array.CurY) to floor(random 0,5))

    System Create object Objects on layer 1 at (32 + (array.CurX*64) ,32 + (array.CurY*64))

    Objects set animation frame to array.CurValue

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  • Create Variables ObjectsX and ObjectsY and set them to Objects.X and Objects.Y respectively. Then use those two when moving it back to original position.

    Also this post should be in HOW DO I section.

  • You are absolutly right it shoould be in How Do I

    Ill repost Over There for further Help

    Thank alot Megatronx

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