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  • Ashley

    It's a nice idea, but it's missing the 'don't show this message again' checkbox.

    It's really annoying to have this come up EVERY time a large project is loaded, especially since it goes ahead and brings the browser up and start loading the memory use blog post.

    Please give us some way to make this go away. Maybe save the user's choice in the project xml so it would still come up for new projects?

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  • IIRC it comes up if your project uses ~1 GB of memory. That is so extreme that a wide range of hardware will not be able to run it. Isn't the warning well-deserved if your game risks hardly running on any player's systems?

  • Seems like they don't really pay attention to it anyway.

    Those that get the concept don't really need the warning.

    Those that don't end up here anyway.

  • Ashley

    1GB is not an extreme amount of memory at all, unless we are talking about vram (and even there, any gpu worth it's salt would have at least 2GB). Many games require 4 or even 8gb, and even barebones laptops come with at least 4gb and often 8gb. It's really only relevant if designing a game for mobile.

    Ultimately though, not the point. It's a good warning to have as default...but we should be able to disable it.

  • newt - Exactly. The people who get that message know what they're doing. I put everything on a spritesheet and put all of my sprites there so I can control and change their variables easily without having to change them on every layout.

  • +1 There could be an option: "Do not show this message again"!

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