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  • I'm an old (D&D gold box old) gamer and looking to create some simple tile based games ...

    Just a couple recommendations for some missing (or perceived, let me know if I am incorrect) tutorials or sample projects.

    Tile based movement, how to move a hero a fixed number of pixels, on a N, S, E or W trajectory.

    Tile based movement, how to move an enemy a fixed number of pixels towards a hero (player), on a N, S, E or W trajectory.

    Fog of war, slowly reveal a map as a character is moving through a world.

    Fight it out, a hero and an enemy collide and fight to the death, may take some time as calculations are ran for hit or miss.

    These would be most helpful! I'd even be willing to pay for them! Love Construct 2, still trying to get my arms around it! Keep up the great work!

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  • Doesn't sound like your asking for a tutorial. It sounds like your asking some one to do the core work.

    My suggestion is look on the forums some more. I'm sure I saw a GoldBox or Eye of the Behloder sample some where.

    Also you can use a Raycastet which I have also seen on the forums here. Just instead of small incremental movement. Do a set amount say 200px and turn 90 degree angles. Then the raycaster game will look like a gold box game.

  • Using the search field in the Tutorials part about the "fog of war" I get at least one tutorial/thread.

    Considering the tile movement and stuff, check out the how do I FAQ if I remember correctly there are several items in it that deals with some of the things you've listed.

    But I have to agree with jayderyu, if you make a search (for all time) on the forums you'll find answers on how to make everything you ask for.

  • I did manage to find a couple good tutorials that helped me out! Just had to dig to find them, a lot of kruft to weed through.

    Thanks for the replies! Still would be nice to see some more official tutorials.

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