[Request]Better support for external image files

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  • On CC there was user made plugin called Unique Sprite that was able to draw different images for same instances. Also I guess this same effect could be achieved if we could make frames at runtime using Sprite plugin. What I had in mind was platformer rpg where every part of the character is their own object. You could change you gear and it would load new frame externally at runtime.

    In theory this could maybe be done using Sprite plugin, but it would be unnecessarily complicated and I should add dozen of tiny empty frames and keep track of them somehow.

    Animation support wouldn't be necessary, but wouldn't hurt neither. Tiled BG cannot do this since it cannot be mirrored and scaling would also be beneficial.

    I thought of doing this myself, but I don't have any experience with JavaScript, so it would be quite a messy operation. If this cannot be official feature, could someone in the community be interested of making such a plugin?

    Also if someone knows how to do this without new plugin, it would be much appreciated if you could share your method.

    [PLUGIN]Unique Sprite(no anim,uniqe image per inst

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  • Also this would be quite important on moddable game (I have issued this before). I understand that most users like to keep their assets safe in package.nw that Node-Webkit makes. However I would be willing to trade this for the ability to users change the game. Seems that not so many are interested on such features but, it would certainly increase the lifespan of the game. Just think about games like Quake, Doom, Half-life, Minecraft, Starcraft or Warcraft 3. How much of their popularity did it affect that they had this option?

    I'm quite comfortable with C2 and I'm quite sure I could make most systems work but, this is one issue it seems I cannot solve without learning JS myself. Even if C2 have some desktop export issues at the moment I would still like to keep using it and not to swich to some other software which would pretty much mean start learning from "hello world" again.

  • Well if I make 2x2 empty frames they take virtually no memory and it wasn't too hard to make system to keep track of them using array after all.

  • I'd love for this to exist in C2. +1!

    There is perhaps a really messy way of making a workaround involving the plugin "Canvas" or "Paster", you could load external images into a sprite, paste it into the canvas, then load the next image and paste that into a new canvas. Canvas's keep individual image data. The only reallllly messy thing would probably be trying to make animations.

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  • Jase00 Canvas cannot be mirrored but, actually I just noticed that Paster can. However I think that using Sprites and array is still probably simpler. I came up with this.

    Feels a bit like hack to add tons of frames to those Sprites but, works. It still doesn't support anykind of image deleting system or animations but it should be doable.

    Though SptireSheet would be much better for animation and that's another story.

    Edit: Also Canvas and Paster would add a lot of extra memory usage. A bit too unique

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