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  • So..Adding a new file to your project files folder outside of C2 does not add the file to your project inside C2, nor does updating a file outside of C2 work.

    However, if you add the file to your project inside C2, save, close, and re-open..then from then on you can modify it outside of C2 and it'll work.

    Why is that? It may seem like a minor inconvenience but it's a pretty big deal if working in a team. Either each member needs a C2 license and the .caproj to add new files in C2, or the one member with the .caproj has to be responsible for adding everyone's project files himself.

    Imagine 3 people making hundreds of rooms for a 'vania, each one a separate project file..no way I'm adding/managing all of them myself!

    Anyway..That said, could we maybe have a button to add/update project files in a C2 project if changes have been made outside the editor? Better yet, could they just be synced at all times?

  • I agree! This would be super useful as I'm using Construct2 with Subversion. Every time I need to check out a specific revision I need to close Constuct2 and reopen to load the project to pick up the changes.

    I was thinking ctrl+R would be a great shortcut to reload the project, but it was just taken by the new replace object functionality. ;)

  • You're using a folder-based project, right? Updating files in the files folder should work immediately, once they're imported, but you do have to import them first so C2 knows about it. I think an option to automatically add new files that have been copied to the files folder is on the todo list.

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  • Ashley Yes, folder based project. I think you are correct in that it will update already included files.

    The problem is it will not load changes to the .caproj file if I do an Subversion operation. I thinking the shortcut would be the same as: Closing the current project then reopening the same project so all changes will be reloaded.

    Having a keyboard shortcut would be great.

  • We put the .caproj out of subversion, why do ou all put it in ? At me it changes immediatly all files, I never need to reopen c2

  • Hey Ashley Sorry to bump but do you think this can be added soon? My team has been waiting patiently for over a month and it's getting to the point where we can't make much progress on our map without it. I don't like being nagged about it either ^^;

  • Ashley: With all due respect, I just wanted to chime in here. I'm working with Tokinsom on a game (it's me, him and 3 others) and we REALLY want to get started on level design but Tokin keeps bringing up this terrible roadblock for us.

    Can this please be fixed sometime soon? Otherwise everyone is just sitting on their hands, when they could be designing levels... Construct2 is extremely powerful and capable of doing this, and it's stifling our ability to be an effective team in a timely fashion. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Oops, I meant to do this for the last build but Dropbox had a sync conflict on my todo list and removed it :P

    I'll try get it in for the next build.

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