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  • I'm coming over to C2 from MIT AppInventor.

    C2 looks Awesome for games, and seems to also be very capable for Apps. From what I can tell, most of what I need to make my app on C2 is here:


    However, it's very slow going learning what I need to make my app by following the current game-centric tutorials.

    It would be great if there were a tutorial track highlighting what is possible with apps. Just coming over from AppInventor, I'm sure there are Lots of people that would appreciate the power and flexibility of C2 if only the capabilities and possibilities were highlighted.

    But then again, maybe there is already an App Tutorial list or compilation that I've missed in the forums?

  • There are some tutorials available at scirra.com/tutorials, and you can find some live examples of many types of games and behaviors (like endless runners, or aiming and shooting, or many other things) by going into the New menu in your copy of C2.

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  • Hi Chris, yes, I've seen those. The catch is that those are all for games and I'd be very interested in tutorials for apps: Dealing with List Controls, Database management, etc., the sort of stuff you need to make an app that does business logic.

  • Oh! That I can't help you with :)

    The closest thing I can recommend is certain data management tools that the manual explains, such as Arrays and Dictionaries; it isn't what you're looking for, but it's something. Scroll down the leftnav on this link to find them, good luck!


    Also, there may actually be tutorials for what you're looking for; I just don't know where they are :P

  • Thanks Chris.

    Yup, I've read those, but likewise having no luck finding tutorials on the subjects.

  • Database management is not something you'll do in C2 since databases are server side (like mysql) and so completely out of scope of C2.

    For list controls, check the manual entry for the list plugin.

    As far as data management/manipulation goes, the logic of inventories/arrays/dictionaries is all you need, look into the tutorials/manual articles already mentioned before, as well as the item listed in the "how do I FAQ".

    C2 is a game making tool before all. It's maybe not fit for what you want to do.

    You may like a car very much, and despite all your love and efforts, it will never make a good space ship, since it's never been designed/intended to be in the first place.

  • devaldivia

    Kyatic is right. C2 is focused on making games. Everything is presented as a game tools. However, like you I'm going to take the shot at making an app with C2. I suppose the weak part of the plan is that C2 doesn't have a robust GUI interface. So I suggest keeping it primitive. Good luck :)

  • To use Kyatrics example:


    You can do it, but it will take a lot of work.

    It has lots of ready made parts for games, but it is flexible enough to do more than most expect. I do think it could be more successful than Top Gear was when they tried putting a car in space.


    I just recreated the first (only) app I ever made with App inventor 3-4 years ago. So simple though, it hardly counts as an example.


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