[Request] Trigger once for multiple instances

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  • This has been requested before but I can't find the thread and forgot if Ashley commented. Anyway, it would be nice if we could have another type of "Trigger Once" that plays nicely with multiple instances. I often find myself with situations like this:

    +Enemy is Active (bool)

    +Trigger once

    -Do a thing

    or something like

    +Enemy.TimerVar > 5

    +Trigger Once

    -Do a thing

    But it only works for one instance and no placement of "for each" helps here. You have to make another var and do this:

    +Enemy is Active (bool)

    +Enemy.var = 0

    -Do a thing

    -Set Enemy.var to 1

    Looks like no big deal but when you use it for AI and such it gets really annoying with all the extra vars and conditions.

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  • I'm currently doing ai for my game and run into this issue a lot too. A "Trigger once per instance" would definatly be a great addition.

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