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  • The new Tilemaps feature is fantastic. Now I don't need to sort through a hundred different tiled background objects to find the one I'm looking for; you should have seen my folder tree for Tiles, it was a mess. x_x

    There are some UI improvements I'd like to see in C2 which would speed up workflow without reinventing the wheel. Using keyboard keys to select an adjacent tile in the tilemap (e.g. using WASD while drawing tool is selected) would be much faster than moving the mouse across the screen every time I need to switch the tile I'm drawing with.


    Autotiles (see link above) are a very powerful feature that would save me tens of hours of busywork. Something similar to this feature exists in Tiled, but it's a time-consuming and unintuitive hack, so I hope you would still consider implementing this anyway.

    Thanks for all your work on C2.

  • Also the ability to zoom in on the tilemap window with ctrl + mousewheel like you can in the layout would be nice. I'm working with 16x16 tiles on a 2560x1440 monitor and it's hard to see what I'm doing.

  • Bumping after r150, which did not address these requests. I'm hoping for a reply, at least.

  • An auto tile type feature already exists. If you read the release notes it says that the rectangle tool works like a nine patch object(tileable 9 image box).

    C2 already uses quite a few keyboard shortcuts.

    Perhaps you could check to see if your suggestions wouldn't interfere with existing controls?

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  • We are planning to continue improvements to the tilemap support over the next few releases. The keyboard shortcuts idea has already been suggested and we do plan to add it.

    As for auto-tiling, what is wrong with designing in Tiled and importing to C2? We are a small team with limited resources and want to avoid reinventing the wheel if possible...

  • newt: you didn't read the link in my first post.

    Ashley: Yeah, after reading some more about Tiled I think I can make it work for me. The ability to zoom in on the Tilemap window would still be appreciated, when you find time for it. Thanks.

  • Ashley: ...The ability to zoom in on the Tilemap window would still be appreciated, when you find time for it. Thanks.

    I apologize for the month-old bump, but this would be fantastic. Selecting 8x8 tiles is slightly tedious (though not completely unbearable.)

    Thanks :)

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