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  • Can you add an expression "Draw Rects" from tilemap plugin?

    I need it because I can use it as compare between 2 values, if draw rects is 0, then game over.

  • Do you mean a condition like "Tilemap is empty"? The 'draw rects' value isn't really useful itself for anything other than information at debug time.

  • Ashley No, I don't mean a condition "Tilemap is empty". Only an expression.

    The draw rects or whatever like "Tiles count" may be useful for the reasons, more like for anything that you don't know even we don't have a workaround.

    Can you add this expression?

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  • Do you mean draw rects or a tile count expression? They mean different things.

  • Ashley Oh really? Anyway Tile count would be useful, don't confuse with Tilemap.count

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  • Ashley Can you officially reply this request?

  • Well what exactly are you trying to count? How many tiles in the tilemap? How many non-blank tiles? How many tiles use the tile type?

    Clarification on what you want and how you would use it would help as they can't implement a feature without knowing what it needs to do.

  • Another person who thinks they have the right to force a very busy developer to answer them. Wow. Just sad :(

    As has often been stated, how would should a proposal benefit the majority of users? Provide a reasoned argument that outlines the benefits that we users can expect from such a change.

    If it's only of benefit to you then why should they bother?

  • Thndr Basically how many tiles in the tilemap. Not blank and tile type.

    I already posted the first post, we have no event if the tiles are 0 just as full blank tiles. No workaround exists.

    What for? I'm making a breakout game which it runs very good on mobile devices, instead of 200 sprites. There a big problem, what happens when all tiles are erased? It can't get next level without this expression. I couldn't finish this game.

    Every developers would use this expression to get value from tile count for some reasons like map editor, dynamic platform, puzzles, etc.

    zenox98 None of your business.

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  • I've never worked with destroying tilemap tiles, but if you know how many bricks are in the level, can't you just add to a variable or something each time a tile is destroyed until you reach the total number of bricks?

  • Burvey I've added a variable before, but the result is not perfect, too much to explain... however you can try it yourself.


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  • Hello Joannesalfa,

    I admire the persistance and I indeed believe more expressions for tilemap, including tilecount, could be helpfull and increase the power of c2. Or make it even more easier to use. This is in fact true for many of the behaviours and objects.

    For your example, on the other hand, it was rather easy to implement another solution. Just added a tilecount variable, and I am reducing it by 1 everytime a tile is destryed, ie. when you create destruction particles. At zero tile count, level restarts.

    You can find it working, here:


    Also, I am noticing that your expressions are sometimes missing the mark because of the way you are building your sentences. Trying to explain it more clearly or in a different way, or with an example may help.


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