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  • Hello,

    I was wondering about this since a while.

    It could be interesting, in low quality scale, to be able to say to a specific shader to render AFTER the upscale.

    Perhaps with a little checkbox in the effects window. (a new column)

    I'm asking this because when we work with low resolution games and want to add a shader like 'scanlines', 'bulb' or any deformation shaders, the result is often awful after the upscale.

    I don't know if it's conceivable. Just asking.

    Thank you.

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  • It's not really possible to run shaders after the 'low quality' fullscreen scale: it has already finished rendering the entire game, and the result is scaled up. If you want high-quality shaders, you have to use high-quality fullscreen mode.

  • A compromise I'm using to keep my CRT effect looking right with shadowmask overlay and stuff is to use low-quality scale as usual. Then I set canvas size to two or three times (or whatever scale I need to get the shader effects looking good) the original resolution, and then set layout scale to two or three as well. I don't get the speed of 1x scale sadly, but at least I avoid the slowdown of rendering everything at full 1080p or whatever.


    Wouldn't it be technically possible to do another rendering pass for tagged shaders on the scaled-up result? As in: Render objects - render non-tagged shaders - scale everything up - render tagged shaders on top of the result. Lots of work to implement I bet, so just asking really.

  • Well it's possible, but not really feasible given the current architecture, and almost all our resources are on Construct 3 development at the moment. Using high-quality fullscreen mode already allows for this too, so it would be a lot of work for something that is already possible.

  • being able to set shaders quality independently would be neat.

  • Using high-quality fullscreen mode already allows for this too, so it would be a lot of work for something that is already possible.

    It's true we get hi-res shader rendering with high-quality fullscreen mode but it's an either/or scenario atm; scale, then render *everything* hi-res or render everything lo-res, then scale. The good thing about rendering shader effects that don't depend on hi-res before scaling up and other shader effects that do afterwards is we can get a good speed boost out of it. I understand your point about it being lots of work but maybe something to consider for C3? This kind of thing is extra important when we can't control screen resolution I think.

  • I just started running into this issue. Been trying to get a shader working for only the upscaled pixel dimensions but trying to wrap my head around the logic behind shaders is proving extremely difficult.

    Being able to send shaders only the pixels as players see instead of as rendered would be an amazing quality of life change for Construct.

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