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  • i have a lot of functions to check, and fastest way would be a search, but the search function in c2 is really "strange"

    basicly the problem is, if you search for a function, only the function name is displayed and you can't open the subevents, so most of the time i cant see what the function is, then you cancel the search and it resets to top, so i cant do nothing with it

    so a workaround is search, bookmark, cancel search, goto bookmark, and what you know, its not the function im looking for, again...

    for now i would like to ask to have some modification that a function(subtree) can be at least accessed.

    further im hoping for some improvements on search system in the future

    -highlight searchtag or event/condition/action (this would also better indicate you are in searchmode)

    -jump to next/prev

    -open/close all events/subevents / not just groups

    -flat search without filtering events

    ps: it could actually work as bookmarks, but on search-based and when in search mode you press up/down to traverse searches

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