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  • I find the shake-option in the scroll to-behaviour too limited.

    I only see the screen shaking when I enter a magnitude higher than around 120 or 150.

    and that's too much shaking.

    The shaking is also not constant (even when I select the constant option).

    So I would like to see more shake-options.

    To include for example the following options:

    • shake screen with a minimum of 1 pixel (important option)
    • shake horizontal and vertical and diagonally (fairly important option)
    • shake only horizontal (optional option)
    • shake only vertical (optional option)

    (Or is screen shake not supported in a simple way in html5?

    And would it still be available when exported to other platforms available (android/ios)?)

  • Shake is one of the simplest things you can do.

    Just do it your self using variables, the random() expression, and the system scrollx, and scrolly.


    +> global variable "shake"= 1

    -->system scroll x to scrollx+random(-30,30)

    -->system scroll y to scrolly+random(-30,30)

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  • Thanks, this is not a feature request anymore.

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