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  • The pathfinding behavior is great, but could be made even better if the regenerate obstacle map action had an option to define an area to recalculate, like having 4 input fields to define the start x, start y, end x, end y. Any cells overlapping that area would be recalculated rather than the entire layout - which seems like most of the time is unnecessary if only the stuff on screen has changed.

    What's more, users could use this to recalculate the whole layout in segments over multiple ticks, keeping the game from pausing on a large layout. It would also be better than having the recalculating happen as a web worker process like pathfinding uses, because then we could have instant same-tick access to areas we need updated immediately (on my computer it can take multiple seconds to recalculate a large layout).

    Please add this! :)

  • Fantastic suggestion. Obviously it may be non-trivial to implement, but it would make a fantastic addition if it can be done eventually.

    Not to beat a dead horse if it's already been seen and either rejected or added to the to-do list, but I just wanted to re-mention that I think it would also be really helpful and applicable in a wide variety of cases to be able to specify an offset for the path finding grid so that we could use a cell size that exactly matches game play elements if they're imprecisely aligned thanks to UI.

  • Added to the todo list, along with changing individual cells.

  • Awesome, thanks! :)

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  • Totally understand that there's a million things on the to-do list! Just curious if there's any progress here. Being able to limit the pathfinding area and regeneration map within an extremely large dungeon would be really great to have (that plus flocking which is probably significantly more complex).

  • This is such a great idea.

  • Sorry to revive this but Ashley could you say something if this will come in short future? I have spent three days making a grid-based digging system and now after each tile digging I have to call regenerate obstacle map... And it takes quite awhile as the layout is huge. Instead I can call this limited regeneration by using grid coordinates...

  • This is me again, reviving one more time, so please forgive me everyone, and ASHLEY. But a very important part of the game I am working on is closely related to this subject, so it could be nice to know the priority of this subject. If it's very low priority, I will have to re-work the entire digging system to something else. I have left the digging part in hopes of this coming but other parts are almost done and I will have to tackle digging soon so...

    Basically, I have to use huge layouts (as big as 25k x 25k) and a grid based obstacle system to create a maze like sturcture, which is dynamic and changes during gameplay. Regenerating entire obstacle map pauses the game for a second, sometimes more. It breaks the game as it is now.

    Please forgive for reviving twice in a row...



  • Well now this thread is pretty old. But still we've seen no sign of this requested feature (if I haven't missed it). Would be great to get a status update as I believe this is very important for the current pathfinding system which is not very good for certain types of game due to the lack of a fast solution to dynamically add and delete obstacles.

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