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  • I was wanting to see if someone would be willing to make a custom text box plugin that will be used in all future Varia Games titles.

    The main problem with the current one is lack of features that are critical for online interactions such as setting max characters, ensuring the use of a real email address (like forcing the requirement of certain characters, or the max amount of certain characters such as the symbol) and some kind of offensive language filtering. Not to mention there is no ability to change the visual look of the Text Box or even just remove the box and use your own graphic behind the text.

    I know a little bit of Java, but this would take me a lot of time as I'm still a noob Java programmer.

    If anyone wants to accept this challenge, I will forever be in your debt! (Your name in the game credits)

  • You can do all of that with events. Just run some conditions after a key is pressed, use text expressions, spritefont, etc.

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  • oh wow I've never seen those text expressions before! I guess I was expecting them under the text box object, but strings are generally used everywhere so it would make sense it's a system expression. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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