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  • The CustomMovement behaviour has a Compare Speed condition which allows you to choose X speed, Y speed, or overall. The Platform behaviour, however, doesn't give you the choice. A simple workaround is to use the System object's 'Compare two values' condition, but consistency is kinda nice and it would be a few less steps when making simple additions to the Platform behaviour. Would this be possible?

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  • I second this. I've just learned about the System>Compare paradigm, and meh.

    So my current solution, since I just MUST see the little platform guy next to my platform events, was to hack the platform behavior's javascript files to add my own custom comparison conditions.

    The good news: this took about a minute.

    The bad news: I'll have to re-patch it every. single. update. and it will make sharing .capx impossible.

  • You can also give the object a variable and set it to the platform speed, then you can pick by comparing the variable.

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